Towing, Manoeuvring & Levelling

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48mm jockey wheel assembly

48mm jockey wheel assembly 48mm stem, 230 x 65mm wheel. *Free Dwlivery*
£48.03 incl VAT

48mm jockey wheel assembly 205 x 30mm wheel

48mm stem, 205 x 30mm wheel *Free Delivery*
£34.76 incl VAT

Actuation Lever SR upto 2010

Actuation Lever SR upto 2010 *Free Delivery*
£92.11 incl VAT

AL-KO Big foot (set of 4)

Set of 4 robust platform feet (200x180mm) that automatically lower/raise when corner steady is operated. Note: Only suitable for fitment to AL-KO Stable-form Corner Steadies. *Free Delivery*
£84.59 incl VAT

AL-KO boxed premium jockey 1552197

Galvanised Steel Ø48 mm tube. Comes with removable crank handle, detachable wheel and integrated nose load gauge. Grooved rubber wheel (230 x 80 mm). Static load capacity 300KG max. Dynamic load bearing capacity 180KG max. Net weight 9.8KG. *Free Delivery*
£123.64 incl VAT

AL-KO Combi brace

Can be used to undo wheel nuts/bolts and folds out to become a corner steady brace. *Free Delivery*
£30.78 incl VAT